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AeroColorado Office Space Features

AeroColorado offers office space options for both our hangar tenants and traditional office space tenants. The office space features 7,000+ square feet of customizable office space including a comfortable lobby and waiting area, facilities management services, meeting spaces, cubicle and office options, kitchen facilities, bathroom and locker room facilities, security and parking.

Benefits For You:

AeroColorado clients will benefit from our newly-built, clean, state-of-the-art office/hangar. Our facility includes exceptional views of the airport and front range, secure and climate controlled environment, airport accessibility, convenient parking, and on-site owner and facility manager. Proximity to airport allows aviation-centric businesses to run more efficiently.

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Office Space Facts

  • 5,000+ square feet tenant finish space
  • Convenient location and some garage parking options
  • Master buzz-in security at front door and other security options including airport secured ramp card swipe, FAA guideline and minimum liability insurance compliance
  • Bathrooms and reception area
  • On-site facilities management

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