Why AeroColorado?

AeroColorado isn’t just the owner – we’re tenants too.

AeroColorado too are aviation enthusiasts. We are personal aircraft owners, trained pilots and business owners with veteran experience in both military and civilian aspects of aviation. We’ve been on the pilot side, the owner side and business management side of aviation. In short, we understand what makes for an effective and efficient hangar and office space. And we are on site, working within the facility as a peer, ensuring all aspects of the space are performing at highest levels.

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You be the judge:

Traditional Hangar Spaces AeroColorado Combined Hangar/Office Space
Awkward or dated lobby and reception area design Welcoming and inviting reception area with current finishings and roomy seating areas
Non-existent or poor access to ramp from parking areas, confusing for client loading process. Direct vehicle access to ramp making for well-organized and convenient client experience.
Poor loading and drop off design with no protection from the elements, making it difficult to accommodate passengers. Drop off area with covered portico, able to accommodate limo’s and make for comfortable arrivals, even in snow and rain.
Cumbersome aircraft movement with clumsy tug systems that leave unused valuable floor space to accommodate tug removal. Aircraft maintenance and management minded design, including integrated tug system allowing for more aircraft on the floor and efficient operations.
Combined floor and maintenance space making for a cluttered operation, increasing the need to shuffle (and potentially damage) aircraft. Separated maintenance area, affording uncluttered, hazard free floor space, and eliminating the need to shuffle aircraft.
Limited access to water and compressed air lines that create need to lug equipment and disrupt operations. Core operations such as water and compressed air lines throughout the hangar, eliminating the need to move equipment.
Storage combined with hangar space resulting in cluttered and disorganized space. Off-floor and secured storage to ensure the most pristine hangar environment.
Combined maintenance and storage operations result in a crowded and unsafe environment, risking damage to aircraft and personnel injury. Safe, clean, effectively designed spaces that reduce risk of harmed aircraft and personnel.

Don’t sacrifice form for function. Have it all with AeroColorado.