Value is the keystone to AeroColorado’s business model. We earn that value everyday by providing our tenants with the full spectrum of features and amenities that make sense to their business.


AeroColorado is the perfect balance of luxury and operational efficiency.  The facility was designed with equal attention to detail for both form and function.

Typically, facilities of this nature are designed with a box like exterior and a standard level of interior finish. AeroColorado has advanced beyond this trend. With its exterior transitions and uniquely shaped office space, this artfully designed facility jumps out as the focal point of InterPort, and the airport at large. The high quality interior finishes elevate AeroColorado above all others. The common lobby, waiting area and bathrooms all have a superior level of finish by using discriminating standards and quality materials.

Our facility incorporates over 30,000 square feet of state-of-the-art hangar and shop space with 15,000 square of well-appointed executive office space.

  • Hangar Features:
    • 1-acre of apron/ramp
    • Heated apron hearth, sidewalks and patio
    • Enclosed garage parking
    • 28’ foot door height
    • Kitchenette
    • Washer/Dryer
    • Ice Machines
    • Locker room/shower
    • Wash-bay and compressor
    • 208v Phase III Power
  • Executive Office Features:
    • Private lobby and waiting area
    • Approximately 1,816 SF of Executive Office Common Space
    • Direct access to hangar
    • Flight Storage/Kitchen
    • Sleeping Room
    • Kitchenette
    • Tenant Bathroom
    • Executive Conference Room with TV for presentations/video conference capability
    • Access to High Speed Data (Fiber Optic)


At AeroColorado we understand that our tenants’ facility and operational requirements are diverse. We have designed a facility that endeavors to accommodate our tenants’ wide spectrum of needs. Our executive office space has been designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you are a corporate operator that is in need of a suite of offices and shop space or a single private operator that needs no office at all, we can accommodate you.


Energy is what fuels aviation, and at AeroColorado we also realize that energy efficiency can help fuel lower cost. AeroColorado was thoughtfully designed to incorporate a multitude of enhancements that allow our hangar to be the most efficient at Centennial Airport. First and foremost is AeroColorado’s 250,000 KWh solar generation system that enables our facility to nearly offset our electrical expense.

Other features include:

  • Using the latest in insulation technology, radiant heat and air movement systems, the space will efficiently retain heat in the winter time and remain cool in the summer time.
  • The east facing hangar doors provide relief from westerly winter trade winds
  • The three panel door systems increases the insulation factor and prevents wear and tear.


AeroColorado is located in the Centennial InterPort development and has been purposely positioned on a 3.8-acre premiere lot located at the terminus of InterPort Boulevard and adjacent to taxilane S-1. This superior location provides AeroColorado and its tenants with unmatched exposure, dramatic views of the airport and mountains, and the best and most convenient access to the Airport via the southern E-470 and Peoria entrance.